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We outsource Our Mobile Cheats

toxic cheats

Here at totally cheats we create games cheats for the majority of console games. We have been coding games and tools for the past 3 years. We are a core team of game developers so we know the basics behind games mechanics. What can and cannot be achieved. In some cases we may require the downloading of tools to get more from your games.

When it comes to mobile cheats we out source our work. We don’t use mobile games as much as we would like but of course we are learning each day. We hope to source our cheats direct from here but until that day we source them from

About Toxic Cheats

toxic cheats

Toxic cheats have been up and running now for well we think around, 5 years. We have been in touch with them for the last 3 years in regards to our needs for mobile cheats. They run a nice little website and create the majority of mobile cheats for 100’s of mobile games. They have become a reliable source for us. We would really recommend toxic cheats for anyone who is wanting mobile cheats.

Some of the work at Toxic Cheats

One of there most famous releases was for of course DBZ Dokkan battle. There DBZ Dokkan battle cheat tool has had 1000’s of downloads. It is still being used to day by 1000’s of devices. That game has got really popular recently and can you blame it! Dbz is awesome and we all love it. We grew up as kids with it. So if your a lover of dbz and would love to get hold of some dbz dokkan battle cheats then why not check them out over at toxic cheats.

We hope you enjoy our mobile cheats and pleased remember we release new cheats 3 times per week! Yes that fast. So stay tuned for more great cheats!

mobile cheats


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