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Hey guys! We are so pleased you have stumbled across our website. We are known as totally cheats. We offer the best gaming cheats to the general public. From dbz dokkan battle to pokemon shuffle. We do not just offer mobile cheats. We offer cheats for all games on the market. If there is a game out we most likely have cheats for it! But on the off chance we don’t?!?! then why not get in touch with us. We will try to add your game cheats to our site within 24 hrs.

A section we are really proud of is our brand new online cheats section. This section offers users the chance to run our cheats online. Through what is known as online generators. These cheat generators only work for mobile games like dbz dokkan battle cheats, pokemon shuffle cheats. Or Online games like league of legends cheats.

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Cheating doesn’t make you good at games!

Due to recent emails from our customers we need to point something out. Even though our game cheats give you majority of unlocks and special features from games. They will not, I repeat not make you better at video games. To be a “pro gamer” takes time to learn and skill. The only way to become a pro gamer and compete to be the best, is by hard graft. There really is no other way around it. You can fool your friends to make you look awesome. Even rank no1 on some mobile games. Providing the evidence is up to you. Enjoy our games cheats responsibly.

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