Magic Rampage Cheats

magic rampage cheats

Well good evening followers! We know it’ been a while since our last post. But we have been quite busy working with our coding team over at so we have some brand new content we are ready to share. Our latest magic rampage cheats are now ready!

So if your one of the many looking for magic rampage cheats then your in luck! We are aware this game is a bit old now but, as the saying goes “its better now than never”.

As usual we aim to provide our users with the best experience when it comes to mobile cheats. Our magic rampage hacks is of no excuse. We hope your are pleased with the profesionalness that has gone into making this cheat tool.

Here are some of the features of our Magic Rampage Cheats:

  • Unlimited gold coins – its like winning the lottery
  • Unlimited health – why not?
  • Unlock all weapons – tooled up
  • Unlock all levels – thats right “all”
  • Unfold all secret levels – even the super secret ones
  • Auto Update – one time download
  • No need to root your device! – because we can
  • Unlock all Achievements – oh yes more points for us!

These are just to name a few of our cheat tools special features.

We hope you do enjoy our magic rampage cheats as we always try our best to bring you the most up to date, unique and different cheats available to date. If your at all interested in other game cheats we do have some other sources you can check out. Why not check out obsessed cheats or imortal game cheats for more information in regards to this.

Like always, do be aware that cheating on video games does not make you a pro gamer! If you wish to be a pro gamer then check out this site. You may learn more about being good at video games or may not.

Stay safe and happy gaming!

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